Q: Can I take your tour if I am vegetarian or have food allergies?

A: Yes, we can accommodate to almost any food restrictions or allergies you may have. If you do have a severe allergy of some type we do ask that you avoid the food tour and opt for the City Discovery. We recommend this just to be safe.


Q: Can I drive the motorbike on the tour?

A: No, you can’t drive the motorbike on the tour for both legal and safety reasons. Our drivers will drive you on their bike throughout the tour.


Q: Do children enjoy the tour?

A: They definitely love the tour! We have not seen a child who has never seemed disappointed on any of our tours. We think that our company offers possibly the best thing to do as a family in Vietnam. Children can often get bored pretty easily on a regular tour on a bus. Just put them on a motorbike in Hanoi capital. There is nothing boring about that to anyone no matter the age!!


Q: What is your insurance policy?

A: We offer 50,000,000VND Accident Guarantee from our Insurance company that if there is an accident on our tour, we will take you to the hospital and cover your injures up to 50,000,000VND. This kind of money will go along way here in my country Vietnam to cover most injures sustained in the accident.